Forge 2016 Sessions

Why Now? The Ecosystem Conditions That Have Converged to Make IoT Possible. at Forge, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A panel of industry experts will discuss the economic and technological breakthroughs that have finally made it possible for developers to connect products and get meaningful data from them.

Padma Duvvuri, Electric Imp; Daniel Obodovski, Author/Advisor; Patrick Hughes, Verizon Wireless; Moderator: Diego Tamburini, Autodesk

What are the industry conditions that have converged to make IoT possible?
How is the evolving ecosystem helping reduce the complexity of IoT implementation… and who is who in the IoT Zoo?
How do your companies manage security for the user?
Who is actually looking at the data & analytics?
What are a few examples of new business models are you seeing implemented from the IoT?
What is the very first step you would advise for manufactures to take to get started in IoT?

Forge 2016 Interviews and Discussions

Particle & Autodesk Fusion Connect

Lona Dallessandro, Autodesk IoT Business Development Lead with Heather Brundage, Head of Business Development at Particle discussing partnering in Internet of Things (IOT) using Autodesk Fusion Connect and Particle.

Current State of IoT & It’s Exciting Future

At Forge 2016, Bryan Kester, Autodesk Head of IoT with IoT Author and Advisor Daniel Obodovski discuss the current state of IoT and the exciting future to come.

See how easy it is to get connected to the
Internet of Things (IoT).

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