How Griswold Water Systems & Autodesk IoT Save Water, Money & Lives

Griswold Water Systems (GWS) wanted to change the extensive use of toxic chemicals to treat water used in cooling towers and engineered a new system treating the water with electrical fields. Water cooling towers sit atop buildings and work by lowering the building’s temperature through water evaporation. GWS, and its partners Autodesk and Hollis Controls added remote monitoring with IoT to provide the security of knowing that treatment is working. Autodesk’s IoT system sends instant notifications which enables rapid deployment of human service if a problem occurs within the cooling tower.

The average GWS customer now uses 17-28% less water and saves $25K per cooling tower each year.  Average cooling tower system uptime is increase by 85%.

Finally, by preventing biofilm, the new system reduces the very real risk of a legionella outbreak.  Water cooling towers can be a source of legionella disease which has no vaccine & kills 10% of those infected.

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